At Veri we not only strive to achieve the purest water possible, we also always do our best to take care of the environment.

What have we done up to now?

-      We use returnable glass bottles in the hotel and restaurant trade (33cl, 50cl and 1l sizes).

-      We have moved to using PET plastic instead of PVC and have reduced the amount of raw materials required by 33%.

-      We have reduced the weight of all of our bottles and caps. 

-      We will introduce tethered bottle caps to make recycling easier, ahead of European Union legislation.

-      We are studying the use of recycled PET in our bottles with the aim of achieving 100% in some of them.

-      We belong to the Ecoembes Integrated Packaging Management System, through which we finance, foster and promote the recycling of our packaging.


Also, in the last 10 years, we have reduced by:

-      13% the consumption of electricity, using 100% renewable and efficient energy sources.

-      89% our CO2 emissions, using electricity from certified green sources.